Privacy Notice

Here at Devon Wall Art we care about your privacy and take every possible step to make this a pleasurable and safe experience.

Your email address

We promise not to sell your email address on and are a totally spam-free environment. We don't have a newsletter, we won't press you with special offers and we certainly don't have affiliates or third party contacts, trusted or otherwise, who may want to contact you with offers of a special nature.

The only thing we use your email address for when you order is to keep you up to date with your order status and we promise not to contact you once your picture is safely in your home, unless you email us first with a question or a customer service enquiry.

Ordering security

By using Paypal as our checkout provider we give complete security in all transactions. All your financial details such as credit card numbers are securely handled through their tightly protected servers. Because we use Photobox to fullfill our orders your delivery address will be passed on to that company to get your items sent to you with the minimum of delay.

However ALL financial transactions are processed through PayPal and your credit card or other financial details will NOT be shared with Photobox.

What we collect

We use minimal cookies on this site and use them purely to keep you logged in when you have an account with us. We never track your activities or use any personal information.

Contact and Policy revision

Because we dislike reams of legal jargon talking about "the party of the first part regarding the party of the second part" and the like, this privacy policy has been written with clarity and legibility to the average surfer in mind. This may mean you have a deeper question about our privacy policy, if you do then please use the contact form above, all email addresses garnered through the contact form are held under the same policy as ones used in our shop and won't be sold on or used for any kind of marketing. Occasionally we may need to update this policy, when we do it will appear on this page immediately.
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